"It is humane to euthanase an animal. It is not humane to kill an animal in the face of alternatives, and then have the balls to label the act as euthanasia. Killing shelters and pounds use the "˜E’word throughout their dialogue.


It plants a seed. It creates an illusion that whoever killed the animal had the right to do so. It also redirects your thinking down a pathway that does not include probing and questioning.”

I’ve felt that crushing disappointment when confronted with the words ‘sold out’. I understand how reckless one can be in those five minutes between the thrill of thinking you’ll get to see your favourite band and the bitter blow that you can kiss goodbye any notion of seeing your heroes in the flesh. Of course the secondary ticket sites understand these five minutes better than anybody, which is why they will ensure that their allocated tickets are on sale the minute they are made available to the public (and, tellingly in some cases, days before they are made available for public on sale).

The thought of removing several broad categories of foods from the picture made me expect to feel restricted to a few familiar dishes, and I’d already been feeling a bit of a lack of variety.

The opposite happened. I ended up experimenting with new recipes a lot more and eating foods I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. I learned quite a few new recipes and my culinary life is more vivid and interesting than ever. Food is more exciting to me now, and I honestly expected it would have to become a less gratifying part of my life.

What I Discovered When I Went Vegan for 30 Days

This has totally been my experience too :)

My mom should’ve understood. At the Beatles’ 1966 concert in Chicago, she’d had to slap my Aunt Martha hard to get her to stop from screaming herself into a faint. From the teenyboppers to the Beliebers, teenage girls have been mocked for their crushes, but that scorn is just a shoddy mask for the anxiety these crushes inspire. Because a teenage girl with a crush is frightening. The Beatles were always on the run from shoving, hysterical girl-crowds, who wanted—what? To crush into them, to crush themselves, to crush against other girl-bodies that were all feeling the same feeling together, a chaos of feeling, a feeling that took your breath away. “A Beatle who ventures out unguarded into the streets runs the very real peril of being dismembered or crushed to death by his fans,” Life reported in January 1964. A girl with a crush is also capable of crushing.